The Old Northwest Territory

A historical look at the lands acquired by America after the Revolutionary War, published for the Northwest Territory Celebration Commission.

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This map is full of wonderful detail related to the history and development of the region known as the Northwest Territory, which would ultimately contain the area of six states: Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Inset diagrams detail the progression of statehood for these six, as well as Thomas Jefferson’s separate model for creating 15 states along the Meridian of the Falls of Ohio (including the names of 9 proposed states, Sylvania, Michigania, Assenisipia, Illinois, Polypotania, Cheronessus, Metropotamia, Saratoga and Peilsipia). Further insets show the land cessations of states’ claims and Indian tribes that comprised the territory, legitimizing the subsequent absorption into the United States. Scattered throughout the map are illustrated vignettes and text boxes detailing notable events, locations and Indian tribes.

On the verso is a transcription of the text from the Ordinance of 1787, the landmark legislation that paved the path for westward expansion, excluded slavery from the new territory, and emphasized public education. Created by the artist Fred Rentschler and published towards the end of the Great Depression, this work was one of thousands financially supported by the Works Progress Administration.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1936

Author: Fred Rentschler

Sheet Width (in): 17.5

Sheet Height (in): 23

Condition: A-

Condition Description: The map is in excellent condition, with some wear along fold lines.

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