The New Chevrolet for 1950


A Chevrolet jig-saw puzzle from a dealership in New Jersey.

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This unusual little promotional puzzle contains about 45 pieces and is printed on both sides. One vibrant image shows the new 1950 Chevrolet Deluxe – an upscale four-door sedan with chrome trim and a distinctive outline. The opposite side presents a bird’s eye view of the General Motors proving grounds in Milford, Michigan, still in operation today (though much expanded).

Includes the original envelope with a stamp from Hutton Chevrolet Company in Riverside, New Jersey. Possible a way to entertain children at the dealership, or a ‘prize’ for purchasing a new model?

Map Details

Publication Date: 1950

Author: Chevrolet Motor Company

Sheet Width (in): 8

Sheet Height (in): 6

Condition: A

Condition Description: ~45 piece puzzle printed on both sides with original envelope. Near mint overall, with a bit of wear on the flap of the envelope.


1 in stock