THE IRON-CLAD FIGHT Scene of Operations at Fort McAllister, in the Ogeechee


Contemporary reporting on the Battle of Fort McAllister.

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Before engaging heavily fortified Charleston, Union Rear Admiral Samuel S. Dupont wanted to try his new class of ironclad monitor on a less imposing target. He chose Fort McAllister, an earthworks fortification south of Savannah that protected a river approach to the important port city. Although the attack on the fort failed, the test was useful in helping to determine deficiencies with equipment and new offensive strategies for attacking emplaced weapons from the sea.

This title page to the New York Herald, published March 13, 1863, contains more information about the battle and various preceding actions. A woodcut map shows the various ships engaged, while several columns of text by a special naval correspondent provide additional and often exciting details.

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Publication Date: 1863

Author: The New York Herald

Sheet Width (in): 15.5

Sheet Height (in): 22.25

Condition: B+

Condition Description: The first eight pages of the March 13,1863 edition of the New York Herald. Pages have separated and are toned and worn along the outer edges, with some heavy discoloration and tiny edges along the top edge. Faint damp stain, about a half dollar, in the lower center. A few archival tape repairs around the margins. Good to very good condition overall.


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