Pictorial Map of the Republic of Panama and the Canal Zone


Bright cartoon map of Panama published by the United States Army Caribbean.

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In 1947, the U.S. Army’s Panama Canal Department was officially reorganized into the U.S. Army Caribbean (USARCARIB), and would remain as such until 1986, when it was shuffled once more into U.S. Army South. The Engineer Reproduction Division of the USARCARIB service command created and published this map of Panama in 1960 as a souvenir mailer for the servicemen and women stationed there. (An earlier issue, published in 1951, attributes the design to B.J. Carter).

The colorful image highlights the local culture, flora and fauna, and rich history of the country, though stereotypical caricatures and somewhat racist commentary can also be seen. Interesting vignettes reference the penal colony on an island to the southeast, chivas (rural buses), and colonial Spanish fortifications.

Text on the verso provides a brief history of the Panama Canal, as well as a photographic collage of its many engineering achievements.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1960

Author: USARCARIB Engineer

Sheet Width (in): 24.00

Sheet Height (in): 16.25

Condition: B

Condition Description: Heavy wear and moderate discoloration along intersecting vertical and horizontal fold lines. Edge wear and soiling also visible in the margins.


1 in stock