America Across the Seas Our Colonial Empire

Early 20th century overview of the overseas components of the global American Empire.

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This interesting relic of American colonialism was published in New York in 1909 by C.S. Hammond & Co. It is the third edition, the first and second having been published in 1907 and 1908 by the World To Day Company – perhaps U.S. territorial avarice was too much to keep up with?

The book consists of seven separate essays written on the primary constituents of the American overseas empire; the Philippines, Hawaii, Guam and Pacific Islands, Alaska, the Panama Canal Zone, Puerto Rico and Cuba. Though the last was an independent nation, 1906-1909 saw Cuba under official occupation by U.S. military forces.

Each entry, written by a different author, is copiously illustrated with photographs and generally gushes about the economic opportunities, incredible climates, docile natives, etc. of each respective locale. Charged language, like half-breed, is rife, and one passage about the Philippines reads “if ten thousand young white men with ten thousand dollars each would settle in the islands and engage in agriculture there, all the problems would be forever settled (page 22).”

Reduced, full-color examples of early 20th century C.S. Hammond maps are helpfully provided at the beginning of the volume. A fine example of what happens when unbridled capitalism is coupled with an unchecked feeling of moral and racial superiority!

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Publication Date: 1909

Author: C.S. Hammond & Co.

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Condition: A-

Condition Description: 106 pp. bound into original embossed blue cloth covers. The spine is faded, but tight, and the front cover shows moderate foxing. Includes six single page and one double page color lithographed maps, all in fine condition. Pages are clean and neat, but starting to begin to work away from the binding. Very good overall.

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