Wild Bill Hickok Treasure Map


A charming pictorial map listing locations of supposed treasure throughout the United States.

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This is a highly decorative and whimsical map of the United States, published in 1952 by the Rand McNally Company and inspired by the Wild Bill Hickok television show. The focus of the map, as outlined in the title cartouche, is on nearly 300 alleged treasure sites scattered throughout the country. While only a fraction of those are listed (maybe the publishers wanted to keep some for themselves), the corresponding stories for those that appear are diverse and range from confirmed to spurious, at best.

Although it’s use as a practical treasure map is limited, this map brims with references to a romanticized America – pirates, pioneers, conquistadors and Native Americans are all boldly depicted in various states of action and conflict. A pirate themed compass rose and illustrated border complete the mythical subject matter.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1952

Author: Bob Glaubke

Sheet Width (in): 36

Sheet Height (in): 24.5

Condition: A-

Condition Description: The map is in very good condition, with bright colors and only minor wear along fold lines. There is one 3" tear along the bottom, near the compass rose, that has been repaired on the verso.