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Quaint look at small town America to accompany a popular children’s radio show.

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Simmons Corners in Tucker County is a fictional location and the home of Little Orphan Annie in the radio series of the same name. Running between 1930 and 1942, it was one of the earliest programs to appeal to a young audience and thus became quite popular nationwide.

This imaginary representation of life in rural America is focused on an idyllic downtown with its quintessential Main Street. Sunfield, the county seat and presumably a larger city, is seen distantly in the background, while the more immediate surroundings are heavily agricultural. However, despite the quaint imagery and juvenile audience, the map also presented a strong corporate message.

It was issued by Ovaltine, the primary sponsor of the show, in response to listeners who mailed in proof of purchase of Ovaltine products. The map was one of a number of promotional items issued for the brand, whose advertising messages often took up nearly half of the show’s 15 minute run time. Fans of the movie The Christmas Story will recognize the secret decoder ring Ralphie used as another Ovaltine promotional gimmick.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1936

Author: Keith Ward

Sheet Width (in): 23.8

Sheet Height (in): 18.8

Condition: B

Condition Description: Moderate creasing and wear along former fold lines. The upper left corner is torn and there are bits of discoloration from old tape residue along the upper margin. A few spots in the lower right, and moderate discoloration and staining on the verso that does not affect the image.


1 in stock