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A Milwaukee brewing company’s idea of Chicago.

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This colorful and amusing bird’s eye view of Chicago was published by the Miller Brewing Company in 1982. It’s a complementary look at the city that is perhaps more used to Old Style than Miller Genuine Draft.

Many different components of Chicago’s identity are on display. Music, in the form of a blues hall and the symphony in Millennium Park. Food, represented by Vienna Red Hots and Chicago style pizza. The city’s culture, architecture, and traffic are all also well represented on this charming look at the Windy City.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1982

Author: Wagner

Sheet Width (in): 19.40

Sheet Height (in): 27.40

Condition: B

Condition Description: Moderate wear visible in the upper part of the sheet, with several areas of creasing visible in the blue sky. The sheet is worn and creased from where it has been previously rolled and has some marginal soiling. Remains in good condition and very presentable.


1 in stock