“Was Wir Nicht Vergessen Durfen!” [We Must Not Forget]

“We Must Not Forget” Germany prior to Soviet occupation.

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This inflammatory piece of pictorial propaganda was created by the map publisher Paul Lippa in Berlin in 1951. It’s vibrant vignettes and idyllic illustrations are confined to the borders of Eastern Germany and West Prussia, as of 1937.

The image presents a picturesque view of Germany prior to Soviet occupation after World War II. Numerous towns and cities emphasize culture and industry, while the countryside is shown filled with agricultural products, animals, and stylized scenery.

According to a contemporary article in Der Spiegel, Lippa was hoping to have a copy of the poster hanging at all federal railway stations throughout Germany (it was designed to promote tourism, after all). The Minister of Transportation thought otherwise, as the irredentist image omits vast portions of former Germany territory (such as the Sudetenland) that were not then currently under Soviet occupation. This prompted the caveat in the lower right, “According to a ruling by the occupying powers, the borders of the German Reich may only be shown as they were in 1937.”


Map Details

Publication Date: 1951

Author: Paul Lippa

Sheet Width (in): 36.60

Sheet Height (in): 26.40

Condition: B

Condition Description: Two sheets, mounted on linen, with heavy creasing along fold lines and severe wear along the outer edges. Old heavy tape pieces applied to the lower right and center right, and linen segments affixed to the upper corners. Moderate soiling and discoloration in several areas, but overall the map remains in good condition.

Out of stock