US Zone: Bavaria – Hesse Wurtemberg – Baden


Colorful pictorial map highlighting the industrial, historical and cultural aspects of the American Occupied Zone in Germany.

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This map, centered on Nuremberg in Germany, pictorially depicts the surrounding region under United States occupational control after the end of WWII. Natural resources, border checkpoints, coats of arms and traditional German costumes are brightly illustrated throughout the image. The major victorious powers (United States, France, Britain, and the Soviet Union) divided conquered Germany into four zones of occupation with eventual reunification as the ultimate goal. However, Stalin was wary of the potential economic strength of a reconstituted Germany, and instead closed the borders between East and West zones within the country and Berlin in July 1948. The dark shadow of the Iron Curtain can’t be found on this map, which depicts an idyllic perspective of the German countryside. The optimistic tone downplays the actual devastation wrought on the lands and people throughout the country towards in the closing months of the war.

Map Details

Publication Date: c. 1948

Author: John Roth

Sheet Width (in): 20.5

Sheet Height (in): 24

Condition: C

Condition Description: The map is in fair condition, with significant edge wear and several 2" tears into the image. Soiling present throughout, but a strong image with bright color.