TWA Air Routes


Air routes of Trans-World Airlines, shortly after the introduction of the Lockheed Constellation.

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This fun double-sided pictorial map was published in 1948 by Trans World Airlines, more popularly known as T.W.A., to promote its domestic and international airline routes. One side presents a relatively flat brown map of the United States with minimal geographic detail apart from shaded topography. Air routes, straight as an arrow, connect major urban areas to smaller towns across an interconnected grid. T.W.A. lines are brightly highlighted in red and numerous illustrated vignettes highlight local industries, natural features, and other cultural icons.

The verso presents a map designed in a similar style that encompasses T.W.A. areas of operation in Europe, North Africa, and southern Asia. In addition to T.W.A. routes and connecting airlines, a third line shows the certificated routes extending to the east from Calcutta. An inset map in the upper right shows further certificated routes to Ceylon, Hanoi, Canton, Hong Kong, and Shanghai.

Such long-distance travel was made possible in large part thanks to the introduction of the Lockheed Constellation, pictured in two spots on the map of Europe. A pressurized cabin, long-range, and ample power made the ‘Connie’ ideal for civilian airlines. After its introduction to the T.W.A. fleet after WWII, the ‘Connie’ enabled regular transatlantic service beginning in 1946, with evident further growth in the following years.


Map Details

Publication Date: 1948

Author: Trans-World Airlines, Inc.

Sheet Width (in): 23.6

Sheet Height (in): 15.6

Condition: B

Condition Description: Moderate to heavy soiling visible in several areas, including the lower corners and outer edges of the sheet. Creased along former fold lines and some extraneous wrinkling also present near the bottom. Better than fair, but not quite good condition.


1 in stock