To the Most Noble Thomas Holles Pelham Duke of Newcastle…This Map of the County of Middlesex is Dedicated


Fascinating and decorative case map of the English county of Middlesex.

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This interesting copperplate engraved map shows the English county of Middlesex on a large scale; allowing for fine individual detail on windmills, farms, estates, prominent geographic features, bridges, churches, and more. A stylized outline of London can be seen in the lower right, along with nearby Westminster and Southwark.

Though there is a tremendous amount of information within the image, the eye is also drawn the heavily embellished borders. In the upper left is the coats of arms of the City of London, including it’s motto – Domine dirige nos (Lord, direct us). Immediately on either side of the image are the coats of arms of all 92 Free Companies of London in alphabetical order, providing a delightful (if outdated) overview of the prominent economic engines within the city. A second decorative cartouche in the lower right shows the emblem of Middlesex, and surrounds a dedication to the Duke of Pelham, who was also Lord Lieutant of the county.

The map’s production included a number of prominent names in English cartography. It was apparently engraved by Ricard Seale and printed by Robert Sayer on behalf of Robert Wilkinson, Cornhill, and Carrington Bowles, per the inscription at the bottom of the sheet. The slipcase, however, lists Laurie & Whittle as the publishing firm.

Map Details

Publication Date: c. 1760

Author: Richard Seale

Sheet Width (in): 29.50

Sheet Height (in): 19.90

Condition: B

Condition Description: Issued dissected into 16 panels and mounted on linen. Faint discoloration visible on the linen between panels, and there are several areas with scattered faint soiling. There are a few fold intersections where the linen has worn and separated. An abrasion within the dedication cartouche has resulted in a small bit of image loss which was professional reconstituted. Remains in good condition, with the original marbled slipcase.


1 in stock