These Are the Dead!


A striking anti-war advertisement issued in a pre-war issue of Fortune Magazine.

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This visually arresting advertisement shows a bright red blood splatter across a group of marching soldiers, exclaiming “These are the dead!” Accompanying text describes with haunting precision the constant parade required to accommodate the death total from the First World War. “tramp…tramp…ten in a row…two seconds apart…for 46 days…these are the soldiers dead in the war.”

The ad was part of a larger anti-war campaign promoted by Fortune and American Magazine on behalf of World Peaceways in New York. The image was painted by W.J. Schlaikjer and the text was written by Bruce Barton.

Map Details

Publication Date: c. 1937

Author: World Peaceways

Sheet Width (in): 11.25

Sheet Height (in): 14

Condition: A-

Condition Description: The sheet has a ragged right edge from where it was previously bound, but otherwise is in near fine condition.


1 in stock