Brazen newspaper advertisement lauding American freedom to drink beer less than a month after Pearl Harbor.

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With hindsight, this advertisement for Falls City Brewing is a cringe-worthy attempt to leverage patriotism in order to boost beer sales during a global catastrophe. But on some level, It’s a contemporary indicator of the American opinion that the war was to be a short-lived affair.

In June, 1942, a Gallup poll indicated that 43% of surveyed Americans thought the conflict would last less than a year, with a further 23% responding that it would last only one to two years. The accompanying map likely reinforced such notions, as it shows several Pacific bases in the hands of U.S. forces (e.g. Guam, Wake Island); despite the fact they were successfully invaded and captured by the Japanese the month before.

Furthermore, the bomber times accompanying many of the air routes in the theater are optimistic at best, and give no context to the critically important availability of planes, fuel, trained pilots, or airfields. Below the map is a table outlining the difference in time zones across the globe, allowing readers to better comprehend the vast changes in time and distance. Accompanying text reminds, “any time is a GOOD TIME to enjoy FALLS CITY BEER.”


Map Details

Publication Date: 1942

Author: The Louisville Times

Sheet Width (in): 17

Sheet Height (in): 23.4

Condition: B+

Condition Description: Professionally restored and mounted on linen. The news sheet shows wear along fold lines and several small areas of image loss near the top and lower left have been filled in. Scattered soiling visible throughout, concentrated most visibly on the left side.


1 in stock