The Whig Almanac [Texas & Oregon Boundary Questions]

Custom volume containing four issues of the Whig Almanac from the 1840s, including maps of Oregon and Texas.

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This interesting little book contains four volumes (1843, 1845, 1846, 1847) of the Whig Almanac and United States Register, a political journal published under various auspices between 1838 and 1857 in New York. Each issue contains calendars and astronomical observations, election results, and articles on current events and political opinions.

1843 – Nice title page portrait and contents featuring Henry Clay, the 1844 Whig presidential candidate.
1845 – Register of government offices, list of tariffs, and copies of the Constitution and Washington’s Farewell Address.
1846 – Pro-U.S. articles and accompanying maps on the boundaries of Texas and Oregon. “Oregon. Our Rightful North-Western Boundary” is an article copied from the June, 1845 edition of the Edinburgh Review that strongly supports British claims to the 49th parallel, but not further. “The Boundaries of the United States” outlines the various relevant sections from treaties on the borders of America and includes selections of text from the Joint Resolution for annexing Texas to the United States. The accompanying map of Texas shows American claims extending to the Rio Grande, including Sante Fe. The outbreak of the Mexican-American War and the signing of the Oregon Treaty would both occur the year of original publication.
1847 – Contains a political history of the party until 1846, text of the Oregon Treaty, and a narrative of the War with Mexico.

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Publication Date: c. 1848

Author: Various

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Condition: B+

Condition Description: Four issues of the Whig Almanac (1843, 45, 46, & 47) bound in contemporary quarter cloth boards with original endpapers. Each edition runs approximately 60 pages. Contents are generally good to very good, with moderate wear and soiling consistent with age and use. Scattered soiling, light spotting, and some toning visible throughout.

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