The Real Estate Map Publishing Co.’s Official Atlas of the Township of Jefferson and Part of Norwood Park Maine and Niles


Rare real estate atlas covering several suburbs northwest of Chicago.

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This atlas provides a graphic depiction of areas of Jefferson Park, Norwood Park, Niles and Maine in the early 20th century. It contains 74 single page street plans and one index map covering bound by Oak Park Avenue, Devon Avenue, Western Avenue and North Avenue on the northwest side of Chicago. Apart from the index, each sheet is provided in a scale of 200 feet to the inch, which allows for an incredible amount of information to be presented to the reader.

In addition to plot sizes and the names of property owners, each sheet contains information on transportation lines, water mains, sewer systems and public spaces. In addition, hand color highlights certain elements and most pages have numerous manuscript updates reflecting local changes up to 1924. These paste-downs reflect the heavy use and practical applications of publications like this for title, insurance and real estate companies. As a result of their use, real estate atlases are uncommon on the market and can be difficult to find outside of institutions.

This example was published by the Real Estate Map Publishing Company in Chicago. The maps were drawn by B. Tomassovits and H.L. McIlvain under the supervision of surveyor Carl Mendius.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1908

Author: B. Tomassovits and H.L. McIlvain

Sheet Width (in): 22.5

Sheet Height (in): 30.5

Condition: B

Condition Description: The atlas is complete and contains 74 single page maps. Bound in original red quarter leather with a faded gilt title. Covers are detached and the spine is tattered, but still a good candidate for rebinding. Maps are overall in good shape, with some minor discoloration associated with age and small damp stains on a few examples. Title page is heavily worn and soiled.