The Pioneer Map of the U.S.A.


An over-simplification of America’s growth and development, in charming puzzle form.

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This fun and ostensibly educational children’s toy was issued in 1939, shortly before the outbreak of WWII, by the Platt & Munk Company, Inc. of New York. The image and illustrated border share the theme of American expansionism, from the earliest settlement by the Spanish, French, and English to the opening of the Wild West.

Pioneers are defined in this context as “one who goes before, preparing the way for others” and they can be seen trekking across the continent throughout the map. Native Americans play a prominent, if stereotypical role; noble savagery juxtaposed against the heroic tide of civilization. ‘Indian Country’ is apparently defined with a small teepee, though I’m unable to find any examples of the symbol within the map. Forts, buffalo herds, and prairie schooners are well-represented, however.

Small illustrations highlight major milestones such as the Gold Rush, Pony Express, and others, while the border pictures are described in the accompanying legend in the lower right. A number of historic trails can be traced across the map, also explained by a corresponding key.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1939

Author: The Platt and Munk Company, Inc.

Sheet Width (in): 14.25

Sheet Height (in): 10.25

Condition: A

Condition Description: Complete puzzle map, approximately 60 pieces, in very good to near fine condition. Does not include original box.


1 in stock