The Londoner’s Transport Throughout the Ages


Later reprint of a chart diagramming the evolution of transportation in London.

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Originally designed in 1927 by R.T. Cooper, a well-known artist for the Underground, this 1977 reprint pictorially depicts the evolution of transportation technology as it was used in London from 327 to 1927. Beginning with Shank’s Pony (horseback riding) in the upper left hand corner, the graphic progresses through various types of wagons, sedan chairs, and horse drawn coaches and includes the Thames Waterman. The first omnibus makes an appearance in 1829, and steam carriages develop shortly thereafter followed by trains, trams, and motorbuses. The Tube is shown on the bottom row, starting in 1863 and eventually evolving into what’s described on the bottom of the sheet as “The Londoner’s Swift, Safe and Comfortable Transport.”

This poster was designed for the London Transport Company, which at the time of original publication controlled the tube lines, tram system, as well as the primary omnibus provider – all shown here.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1977

Author: R.T. Cooper

Sheet Width (in): 31.2

Sheet Height (in): 25

Condition: B+

Condition Description: The chart is in very good condition, with some wear along the edges .