“The Graphic” Parliamentary Map

The results from the 1880 General Election in the United Kingdom.

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This ephemeral broadsheet was published on May 1st, 1880 by ‘The Graphic’, a British weekly illustrated newspaper printed between 1869 and 1932. The image displays the results of the general election held in the United Kingdom that year. Prime Minister William Gladstone’s Liberal party secured a large majority over the Conservatives under Benjamin Disraeli. In fact, this was the last general election in which any party other than the Conservatives won a majority of the votes (352-237-63).

Counties and boroughs (where applicable) are colored blue, red, or purple according to their vote for the Conservative, Liberal, or Home Rule parties. The names of the victorious MPs and their respective number of votes can be found within the borders of each. Insets in the upper corners show the results for Scotland and Ireland, while a third inset in the lower right highlights London’s metropolitan boroughs. A note in the lower center notes a vacancy in Nottingham due to the recent death of John Wright.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1800

Author: The Graphic

Sheet Width (in): 24

Sheet Height (in): 32.6

Condition: B+

Condition Description: Formerly folded into 8 segments, with moderate wear visible in certain areas along fold lines (see upper center, center left). Moderate wear visible along the outer edges of the sheet, confined to the margins. This includes some wrinkling, spotting, and creased corners. Good to very good condition overall.

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