The Advertising West Cartographically Pictured


Densely informative advertising strategy map of the western United States.

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This interesting map was published as a supplement to the Western Advertising magazine in 1929 and focuses on the twelve westernmost states in the US. The intent is to educate a professional audience as to the nearly limitless opportunities in advertising for the area. As explained in the title cartouche, the “map is intended only to suggest the West That Is – the west not only of fertile fields…but the West of dynamos, warehouses, and factories.” Text and illustrations throughout the image allude to the diversity of the region’s commercial, agricultural and industrial potential. Ships can be found in the Pacific representing transportation and shipping companies, along with planes and trains in the interior.

The map is divided into 9 advertising sub-regions, each of which is known for particular goods or commodities. Dr. Pepper beverage in Texas, Browning Arms in the Mountain States, Weber fixtures in Southern California and Tillamook cheese in Oregon are just a few examples. On the right hand of the image is a chart allowing the reader to view cities on the eastern seaboard along similar lines of latitude, giving a good indication of the size and expanse of the West.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1929

Author: W.R. Cameron

Sheet Width (in): 11

Sheet Height (in): 15.5

Condition: B-

Condition Description: The map is in good condition, with 2" tears on either side of the centerfold. There is also unknown adhesive residue on the back that bleeds through the image, and minor border offsetting. Trimmed top margin.