Territories of New Mexico and Utah

Second state of Colton’s desirable map of the American Southwest.

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This fascinating map of the American Southwest shows the outlines of the Utah and New Mexico territories about six years after they were first organized as part of the Compromise of 1850. The two large regions would eventually comprise the modern-day states of Utah, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico.

Huge counties are outlined in original color, several of which stretch for hundreds of miles between the Rocky Mountains and the California border. Important lines of transportation such as the Spanish Trail, proposed routes for the Pacific Railroad, and the path of Fremont’s expedition are identified. Topography is depicted in simple hachure and a wealth of interesting geographic features, frontier settlements, and fortifications are labeled.

The map was published in New York by J.H. Colton in either 1855 or 1856. It is the second state, identifiable by the label Mexico in the lower left and the publisher’s information below the title block. The image was updated numerous times over its publication history of 1855-1863, offering a detailed cartographic representation of the region’s territorial evolution.

Sources: Wheat 832; Wesley Brown J. H. Colton’s Territories of New Mexico and Utah State 2; Rumsey 0149.056;

Map Details

Publication Date: c. 1855

Author: J.H. Colton & Co.

Sheet Width (in): 18.1

Sheet Height (in): 15.75

Condition: A-

Condition Description: Faint staining visible in the margin on both sides, well away from the image, and light matte burn from where previously framed. Two small spots of linen tape on the verso along the upper edge, which shows some small tears from where previously bound. Very good overall.

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