Tabula Marchionatus Brandeburgici et Ducatus Pomeraniae


The vital core of the Kingdom of Prussia in the mid-18th century.

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The Margraviate of Brandenburg and adjacent Duchy of Pomerania were rival territories since the 12th century. The conflict often escalated to open war between the two, either as independent fiefs or as vassals subject to a king or emperor. At the time this map was published, both regions were part of the Kingdom of Prussia. Much of the territory of Pomerania (red) was acquired from Sweden during a series of successful wars earlier in the century.

The image shows a detailed overview of the complex political situation. Original color highlights the extent of each territory, with neighboring duchies and kingdoms also outlined and named. Geographic features like mountain ranges and forests are depicted pictorially. A fascinating variety of place names are labeled, including fortified cities, ecclesiastical towns, monasteries, hunting lodges, and more.

Two decorative cartouches are also present. One, lower right, shows a putti with measuring devices over two distance scales. The second, more elaborate, cartouche can be seen in the upper right. It’s framed by several puttis holding aloft a banner containing the title, as well as the Royal Coat of Arms of the Holy Roman Empire and Prussia.

Map Details

Publication Date: c. 1750

Author: Johann Baptiste Homann

Sheet Width (in): 23.6

Sheet Height (in): 19.7

Condition: B-

Condition Description: The sheet shows moderate to heavy discoloration throughout the image and around the outer margins. Several stains and spots visible in the upper half of the sheet and 2 tears, about 3" each, have been repaired on the verso with archival tape. Original hand color. Not in good condition, but better than fair.


1 in stock