Specifications for Maps and Profiles as Prescribed by the Interstate Commerce Commission


Mapmaking instructions from the Interstate Commerce Commission.

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“The subject of specifications for maps and profiles to be prescribed for and applied by steam railway carriers.” – pg. 3

Established in 1887, the Interstate Commerce Commission was a regulatory agency tasked with overseeing fair operational practices and curb systemic abuse among major rail operators in the United States. The organizations’ authority was greatly expanded by Congress in the early 20th century, and a Bureau of Valuation was established in 1913 to aid in determining appropriate shipping rates.

Accurate and uniform maps were necessary for obtaining that critical information, and this 23-page ICC report outlines the required specifications for railroad cartography. Scale, size, content, symbology, and other features are covered in minute detail. The Commission requires three separate categories of drawing – a Right-of-Way and Track Map, Station Maps, and an Elevation Profile – and includes examples from the New York and San Francisco Railroad Operated by the Gulf and Piedmont Railway.

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Publication Date: 1914

Author: United States Interstate Commerce Commission

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Condition Description: 23 double-sided pages and 4 folding charts and maps, separated from original gray paper covers (present, but brittle and heavily worn). Lightly soiled and wear along the fore-edge of the text, with an old rubberstamp on the verso of the title page. Double three-hole punches on the left side of the text and light creasing and toning visible on the fold-outs. Good to very good condition overall.


1 in stock