Spanien und Portugal in IV Blattern


Four sheet map of Spain and Portugal published in Stieler’s Hand Atlas.

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This densely detailed steel plate engraving of the Iberian Peninsula was published in 1852 by Justus Perthes and shows the entirety of Spain and Portugal, plus southern France and northern Africa. Hand colored outline delineates the various kingdoms comprising the two countries and large cities are underlined in red, while Spanish overseas possessions are underlined in green. A host of other practical geographic information is also presented on the map’s image, including topographical details, forts, roads, canals, ports and rivers. Inset maps of Cadiz, Lisbon and Madrid can be found on the third of the four sheets.

This map was published in the second edition of Adolf Stieler’s Hand Atlas in 1852, and was based on an 1829 map by Berghaus. It depicts Spain and Portugal at a time of internal conflict between the established monarchy and increasingly liberal reformists (as was happening throughout Europe in the mid nineteenth century). Two years after publication, Queen Isabella II would have to contend with a popular uprising in Zaragoza and Barcelona that severely curtailed her political authority.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1852

Author: Adolf Stieler

Sheet Width (in): 18.5

Sheet Height (in): 15

Condition: A-

Condition Description: Each sheet (4 total) is in excellent condition, with minor soiling associated with age.


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