Southern Circumpolar Map for each Month of the Year


Beautiful celestial chart of the Southern Hemisphere

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This magnificent star map shows the various constellations visible in the Southern Hemisphere throughout the year. Stars are shown according to a scale of magnitude, which roughly approximates to their brightness in the night sky.

In addition to labeling many of the individual celestial bodies, attractive illustrations highlight the constructed imagery around famous constellations such as Pavo (the Peacock), Cruz (the Southern Cross), and the Argo Navis. Some constellations, such as Robur Carolinum (King Robert’s Oak) are no longer in use.

Engraved in New York by W.G. Evans under the direction of E.H. Burritt. Published in Hartford by J.F. Huntington in 1835.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1835

Author: F.J. Huntington

Sheet Width (in): 14.10

Sheet Height (in): 16.10

Condition: B

Condition Description: The sheet is moderately toned from age and shows some wear around the outer edges. Several small spots of foxing are also visible in the negative space, along with minor offsetting. Remains in good condition with old hand color.


1 in stock

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