Silesia Inferior


Beautiful map of the historic region of Silesia published by the Blaeu family.

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This fine copperplate engraved map shows the historical province of Silesia during the mid-17th century. The River Oder can be seen bisecting the image from the lower left to the upper right – today this comprises the border between Poland, Germany, and the Czech Republic.

The region has been a battleground for centuries, changing borders and hands between the Mongol Empire, Poland, and the Holy Roman Empire. It would eventually become part of Austria under the Hapsburgs in 1526, until conquered by Prussia almost two hundred years later.

Several cities situated at geographically strategic locations are fortified, and castles are scattered throughout. They are labeled according to the comprehensive legend in the upper left, which also includes the symbols for a variety of religious institutions, settlements, geographic features, and local industries.

The last group include a variety of mines, which are of particular interest. The region was renowned for its abundance of natural resources, and the iron extracted from its mines played a critical role on European battlefields from Caesar to Napoleon.

Includes the coats of arms of Silesia above a decorative cartouche, as well as those of adjacent kingdoms

Map Details

Publication Date: c. 1640

Author: Johannes Blaeu

Sheet Width (in): 22.20

Sheet Height (in): 

Condition: A-

Condition Description: Faint wear along the vertical centerfold and moderate wear and small tears along the outer edges. Very good, with attractive hand color.


1 in stock