Salmon River Uranium Development, Inc.


A hopeful prospectus for mineral extraction in Idaho.

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This small booklet was issued in 1958 by the Salmon River Development, Inc. to potential investors in order to drum up financial support for the company’s mining claims in Idaho. A miner on the front cover is shown using a Geiger counter to detect radioactive material – the Cold War equivalent of gold prospecting.

Accompanying text provides background on the locations of the claims, its development, company assets, research, and a proposed plan for mining Uranium, Thorium, and rare earth metals. Maps show the location of possible veins, test holes, and local transportation routes.

Despite the horrific environmental damage sustained during the initial phases, the Salmon River Uranium Development, Inc. was never a profitable business, despite trying again using new mining techniques in the 1970s. Environmental remediation under the direction of the EPA wasn’t complete until 2008.


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Publication Date: 1958

Author: Salmon River Uranium Development, Inc.

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Condition: B+

Condition Description: 6 pp. prospectus measuring approximately 5.25" x 6.6" folded in half with two puncholes at the top. Includes a fold out map measuring 20.75" x 6.6". Scattered manuscript annotations in several areas and creasing along the center, but remains in good to very good condition.


1 in stock