Russian Battlefront


Map with custom coloring showing the progress of the Battle of the Dnieper, one of the largest operations of World War II.

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This large folding map shows the Eastern Front in the winter of 1943, as Russian forces began to push the Germans back across the River Dnieper. Hand coloring had been applied, presumably contemporaneously, showing the ongoing progress of the battle.

Kiev was successfully captured in early November, just a few weeks before the image was published, and successfully defended by the Soviets against a heavy counterattack. Leningrad remains under siege, but a narrow corridor has been opened to facilitate some resupply to the beleaguered city. Successes along the front throughout the fall set the stage for follow-up offenses and gave Stalin a strong negotiating position at the Tehran Conference, held between November 28 and December 1.

The verso of the map provides a fascinating map and textual overview of the events that transpired globally between November 8th and November 21st, 1943. Based on the frequency (Map No. 27), the sheet was likely issued just a few days afterwards. Drawn and issued by the (British) Army Bureau of Current Affairs and printed in London by Fosh & Cross.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1943

Author: Army Bureau of Current Affairs

Sheet Width (in): 29.80

Sheet Height (in): 39.75

Condition: B+

Condition Description: Creasing and wear along former fold lines, including spots of discoloration (see upper right) and small holes at fold intersections. Pinholes and slight circular rust discoloration in the corners, probably from old magnets used to affix the map to the wall.


1 in stock