[Rio Grande Mainline Through the Rockies]

Routes of the Denver & Rio Grande Railway in a novel format.

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This folding die cut pamphlet shows, in four separate panels, various routes in operation by the Denver & Rio Grande Railway. Sleek aluminum passenger cars are depicted above each, three of which display the distinctive Vista-Dome for viewing the natural beauty along the way. The Prospector, California Zephyr, Colorado Eagle, and The Royal Gorge are explained in further detail on the verso, along with their respective amenities and route information.

Stamped Vacationland Center in Detroit, Michigan, which is interesting because the Rio Grande doesn’t extend that far east. Perhaps a tourist on their way to Chicago or St. Louis for a broader trip?

Map Details

Publication Date: 1949

Author: Denver and Rio Grande Railroad

Sheet Width (in): 35.6

Sheet Height (in): 3.6

Condition: A

Condition Description: Folding die cut with light wear along creases and an old tourist agency stamp, but otherwise in fine condition.

Out of stock