Regni Galliae seu Franciae et Navarrae


Highly decroative map of France published during the War of Austrian Succession.

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The death of Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI in 1740 led to a dynastic challenge of the Hapsburg successor, Maria Theresa of Austria. France and Prussia refused to acknowledge the principle of female hereditary rule and backed Charles Albert of Bavaria as the rightful heir. The resulting conflict was known appropriately as the War of Austrian Succession (1740 – 1748) and pitted the Pragmatic Allies (the HRE, Britain, Hanover, and the Dutch Republic) against Louis XIV’s France, Prussia, and the Spanish Bourbons.

This map of France was published by the Homann Heirs firm after the first year of conflict, in 1741. It shows the territorial extent of France, with the original hand color highlighting the outline of each province. An interesting variety of chateaus, towns, geographic features, forts, and other locations of interest are labeled throughout the image.

The decorative title cartouche in the lower left features numerous symbols representing French culture, martial prowess, and regal authority. The royal coat of arms sits atop an elaborate rococo statue with numerous weapons of war, including cannons and hand-held firearms – the war features several early examples of their widespread use in battle. In the foreground are two allegorical figures – probably Hercules with the head of the Nemean Lion and Athena with the aegis. Various elements symbolizing culture and science – a globe, quadrant, slide calipers and paint set – are scattered on the ground and two puttis can be seen squeezing grapes into wine. An incredible depiction of France during the reign of the Sun King!

Map Details

Publication Date: 1741

Author: Homann Heirs

Sheet Width (in): 24

Sheet Height (in): 19.9

Condition: B-

Condition Description: Trimmed margins show heavy wear and soiling, most evident at the top of the sheet, which is missing a portion of the text. Moderate scattered discoloration also visible within the image, most evident to the immediate right of the title cartouche. Better than fair, but not quite good condition overall. Issued on watermarked paper with several old annotations underlining various cities.


1 in stock