Regio Canaan seu Terra Promissionis Postea Judaea vel Palaestina Nominata Hodie Terra Sancta…


Bold depiction of the Holy Land with an elaborate image of an exorcism in the cartouche.

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This map covers the area from Syria to Gaza and is shown here in old color delineating the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Three types of cities are shown according to the key; cities of kings, cities of Levi and cities of refuge. The map also shows physical features like forests and mountains, but the elaborate engraving in the title cartouche and inset map are the stars of the show. The former includes a scene with Jesus exorcising a demon in front of a crowd while cherubs or angels hold a banner aloft. In the background is Golgotha and the crucifixion, including the eclipse that was said to have occurred at the time of Jesus’ death.

The inset map in the bottom right features Moses holding the Ten Commandments while idolaters pray at the foot of a golden serpent in the background. The Grapes of Canaan are held aloft by two of the twelve spies who went to into the Promised Land at Moses’ request to scout its suitability for settlement. The lack of faith exhibited by the majority of the spies in their reports condemned the Israelites to wandering the desert for 40 years – the outline of this journey is the purpose of the inset. The end of the wandering, concluding at Jerusalem, can be traced in the main image entering from the bottom of the page.

Map Details

Publication Date: c. 1728

Author: Matthias Seutter

Sheet Width (in): 24.5

Sheet Height (in): 21.5

Condition: B+

Condition Description: The map is in very good condition on strong woven paper. There is discoloration and wear along the centerfold, with some image loss in the Dead Sea.