Parte Orientale dell Impero Romano


Later edition of D’Anville’s map of the world as known to the ancients.

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This is a map showing eastern portions of the late Roman Empire from Libya to Syria, including Crete and Cyprus. It was published in the 1820 edition of Rossi’s Nuovo Atlante Di Geografia Universale and depicts the region in ancient times, showing the early geographic record of the eastern Mediterranean. Provinces are outlined in hand color, and a variety of different scales are provided in the lower right, alluding to the numerous cultures who had been absorbed by Rome’s legions. Information is dense around the Nile Valley and the western coast of the Holy Land, while information on the interior of the Arabian Peninsula and north Africa is sparse and largely labeled desert.

Map Details

Publication Date: c. 1820

Author: Batelli e Fanfani

Sheet Width (in): 22.5

Sheet Height (in): 16

Condition: A-

Condition Description: The map is in very good coondition, with a strong impression and very minor wrinkling. Some discoloration along centerfold.