Panorama of the Rhine with Text Inserted


Lengthy fold out map showing the region of American occupation after WWI.

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The occupation of the Rhineland region in Germany after WWI served many purposes – protection for France against another German attack, domestic security for possible unrest, oversight of the country’s manufacturing, and as an insurance policy to ensure prompt reparations by the German government. Responsibility for the occupation was split between Allied powers, and Americans oversaw the area roughly situated between Cologne and Mainz, along the Rhine River. Originally occupied by over 250,000 troops, by the time this map was published the number had dropped to less than 25,000. Those who remained generally got along quite well with the locals (compared to the French zones of occupation) and enjoyed a relatively level of freedom for travel and leisure.

The map follows the course of the Rhine from Cologne to Mainz, and apart from an illustrated depiction of the river, there are also photographs and text superimposed over the image elaborating on the natural and historic beauty of the region. There are surprisingly few references to the war just fought, perhaps indicating a desire on all sides to move forward.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1916

Author: G.T. Flowman

Sheet Width (in): 9.25

Sheet Height (in): 63.25

Condition: A

Condition Description: The map is in like new condition, two sheets pasted together and folded, accordion style, into original red paper covers.