Nova Delineatio Totius Orbis Terrarum Per Petrum Vander Aa

A reduced version of the Colom/Van Meurs map by Pieter Van der Aa.

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This gorgeous double hemisphere map is emblematic of the gradual cultural transition from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment. Based on an earlier version produced in 1660, the image provides a geographic overview of some of the most ground breaking explorations of the 17th centuries.

Australia has a largely recognizable coastline thanks to Abel Tasman, while Cook’s voyages in Pacific are reflected throughout the Western Hemisphere. Conversely, numerous popular ‘map myths’ are also captured within the image. California is depicted as an island, much of Africa’s interior is based on ancient (and largely fictitious) geography, and only speculation is available for the outlines of Antarctica and New Zealand.

Surrounding the image are allegorical figures which represent the four classical elements; Fire, Air, Water, and Earth (also reflected in contemporary humoral theory), plus representations of day and night (possibly Apollo and Diana).

The map was published in Leiden by Pieter Van der Aa around 1720. It’s based on the world map produced by Colom and Van Meurs, with only an updated title block and cartouche (originally French, this example in Dutch) reflecting the ‘new’ author.

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Map Details

Publication Date: c. 1720

Author: Pieter Van der Aa

Sheet Width (in): 16.25

Sheet Height (in): 13.75

Condition: A

Condition Description: One small spot in the upper left margin, well away from the image. Otherwise in near fine condition, with vibrant hand color.

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