North America


A spectacular overview of North America from the early 19th century.

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This modest, but important, map captures a critical transitional period in the cartography of North America. Soon, the publications of Lewis & Clark would fundamentally change the perception of the American West, but here it can be seen in a largely speculative form.

Quivira, New Albion, the River Longue and an unbroken Rocky Mountain range reflect geographic understanding from the previous generation; whereas the location of Mt. Hood, the Columbia River, ‘Tecas’, and ‘Kansez’ all represent newer American concepts coalescing in the 19th century.

Apart from the finely engraved details, color is also used to great effect to highlight colonial possessions of Spain, Britain, and the Netherlands. A legend in the lower left provides additional information, including on the 13 united, 1 allied, and 6 subject states of the United States. The French possessions in the Caribbean have been omitted from note, perhaps not surprisingly considering the map was published by an Englishman, Robert Wilkinson, in London in 1808.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1806

Author: Robert Wilkinson

Sheet Width (in): 10.90

Sheet Height (in): 13.25

Condition: B+

Condition Description: A bit of soiling in the outer margins and one dark spot within the image, to the lower left of the title. Very good condition, with original hand color.


1 in stock