North America


Colorful puzzle map of North America.

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This fun and educational puzzle map was published in 1942 by the Platt and Munk Company, Inc. of New York. An artist’s signature in the lower right, H.R.D., gives a clue as to the creator of the image, though I’ve been unable to determine the full name.

The map presents the continent of North America divided into different countries, with major cities labeled and topography depicted pictorially. Robert Peary’s dash to the North Pole is celebrated at the top while a Viking longship and clipper ship are dated in the North Atlantic.

Shipping lanes are noted throughout while decorative elements are present in the form of windheads and a compass rose. A charming wartime distraction for children on the American homefront, with the proximity to the Soviet Union emphasized in the upper left.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1942

Author: The Platt and Munk Company, Inc.

Sheet Width (in): 10.00

Sheet Height (in): 12.00

Condition: A

Condition Description: Complete puzzle map, approximately 45 pieces, in very good condition. No box included.


1 in stock