Nord America mit Westindien


Detailed hand colored map of North America showing colonial possessions in the middle of the 19th century.

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This map, published at the Geographical Institute of Weimar, provides an in-depth look at the mid-19th century colonial possessions of France, Russia, Britain, Spain, Denmark and the Netherlands, in addition to the United States, Mexico, and the short lived Federal Republic of Central America. Each political entity is represented by a separate color, hand washed and outlined, and labeled in the legend on the lower left. Detailed physical information is depicted throughout the image, including mountains, rivers, ports, lakes, and capes.

An independent Haiti can be seen in the Caribbean, and the Mosquito Coast in Central America would be ceded by Britain to Nicaragua and Honduras the same year the map was published. An interesting and short-lived territorial configuration can be seen in the western United States, with Nebraska covering most of Montana and Wyoming, and the Minnesota territory extending into the Dakotas until it was admitted as a state the year prior to publication. Constant border changes and admissions of statehood throughout the latter half of the 1800’s undoubtedly caused consternation among contemporary map publishers. A large inset map of the Aleutian Islands, a Russian possession until their sale to the United States in 1867, is also included.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1859

Author: H.Kiepert

Sheet Width (in): 22.5

Sheet Height (in): 27.75

Condition: A

Condition Description: The map is in excellent condition, with small spots and light discoloration confined to the outer margins.