Mickey’s and Donald’s Race to Treasure Island

Corporate synthesis between Disney and Standard Oil, aimed at children!

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“They’re off – and here’s your map of the big Coast-to-Coast race between “Marathon” Mickey and “Do-or-Die” Donald Duck to Treasure Island on San Francisco Bay! Now, the best fun of all in this big race game is yet to come! Week after week of fun, adventure, perils and triumphs are ahead for these two famous rivals. And every week means a new surprise in store for you. Because you are invited to take an active part in this great race from the very start right on to its glorious finish. All you have to do is follow these instructions carefully…” [Text on verso].

This tremendous pictorial map of the United States was distributed by the Standard Oil Company of California to promote the 1939 Golden Gate Exposition in San Francisco. It features many of Walt Disney’s most iconic characters but focuses on Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck as they race to the World’s Fair held on Treasure Island.

Comical vignettes in each of the 48 contiguous states provide an illustrated snapshot of American self-identity in the years immediately preceding World War II; with emphasis on industry, agriculture, history, and natural beauty. Thirty-six separate spaces surround the map, each occupied by a short riddle and corresponding comic cut-out number.

These could be found in issues of Travel Tykes Weekly, distributed freely at Standard Oil distributors and authorized dealers. Twenty-four examples are present, several of which reflect contemporary prejudicial attitudes. The verso presents detailed directions on how to follow the race to Treasure Island as well as an amusing poem titled “Micky – Donald & Nephews at the Fair.”

Source: Rumsey: 11783.001

Map Details

Publication Date: 1939

Author: Walt Disney Productions

Sheet Width (in): 26.50

Sheet Height (in): 19.25

Condition: B+

Condition Description: Creased and worn along originally issued fold lines, including a few inches of separation that have been repaired on the verso with archival tape. Includes 24 paste-downs in the surrounding border. Moderate edge wear, including numerous small tears, and scattered pencil marks on both sides. Remains in good to very good condition overall.

Out of stock