Mer Mediterranee…Cote de France de Sete a Marseille


Detailed navigational chart of France’s southern coast.

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This fascinating coastal chart covers a large region of southern France between it’s largest port, Marseille, and the seaside resort of Sete. Topographic information is provided for a few scattered visible landmarks in the interior, but otherwise details are confined to transportation routes, place names, and points of interest.

Lighthouses and navigational beacons are highlighted in purple and generally accompanied by their height and visible distance. Within the Mediterranean, depth soundings (in meters) are often accompanied by a small letter which indicates the composition of the seafloor; important information when considering dropping anchor.

The chart was gradually updated over more than a century by France’s Depot General de la Marine. The title block first references surveys originally performed in 1839, while corrections noted in the lower left identify this example’s latest corrections dating to 1952.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1953

Author: Depot de la Marine

Sheet Width (in): 41.70

Sheet Height (in): 29.50

Condition: B+

Condition Description: Formerly folded twice, with creasing and light wear along fold lines. Moderate discoloration down the vertical fold, and faint toning around the outer edges.


1 in stock