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Eugene McCarthy’s 1968 presidential campaign was a powerful expression of anti-war sentiment within the Democratic Party during a particularly tumultuous year. Challenging incumbent President Lyndon B. Johnson, McCarthy’s primary focus was his staunch opposition to the ongoing Vietnam War. His New Hampshire primary success played a pivotal role in pushing the Democratic Party to reevaluate its position on the war and would encourage Johnson to drop out of the race entirely.

This pair of posters shows support for McCarthy using groovy styles and colors reflective of the era (and, generally, his supporters). McCarthy Peace President measures about 11″ x 17″ and was drawn by hand. We’re Not Alone Anymore, printed in patriotic colors, features a portrait of the candidate and emphasizes peace and equality.

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Publication Date: c. 1968

Author: Anonymous

Sheet Width (in): See Description

Sheet Height (in): See Description

Condition: B+

Condition Description: McCarthy Peace President is a manuscript on red textured paper with some tape residue on the verso. We're Not Alone Anymore is printed on textured paper and shows moderate wear, including old cellophane tape residue and the resulting toning, around the edges. Good condition overall for the pair.

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