Mar del Nort


Gorgeous 17th century chart of the Atlantic Ocean by Jansson.

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This attractive map of the Atlantic Ocean (Mar del Nort) is extended to include much of North America, Europe, and western Africa; though interior details are relatively scarce, especially in the Western Hemisphere. It was published by Jan Jansson in 1650, and was included in his influential atlas, Atlantis Majoris Quinta Pars, Orbem Maritimum.

This was one of the first maritime publications intended for consumption by the general public, rather than on behalf of a specific state or sovereign. By the time of publication, most European powers had become acclimated to the peculiarities of Transatlantic travel, and the economic system known as the Triangular Trade was in full effect. Generally speaking, this pattern of commercial activity saw European manufactured goods traded for slaves in Africa, which were then sent to the Americas for work on local farms and plantations. Raw materials, such as sugar, cotton, and tobacco were then shipped to Europe on the “third leg” of the journey.

The image itself reflects the emphasis on maritime commerce, which includes rhumb lines and a compass rose – two tools useful in navigation. Great attention is also given to identifying water hazards and coastal place names. The map also contains a few decorative elements, with an indigenous figure and local fauna surrounding the title cartouche, and several putties holding surveying tools around the scale at the bottom of the sheet.

Map Details

Publication Date: c. 1650

Author: Jan Jansson

Sheet Width (in): 23.75

Sheet Height (in): 19.50

Condition: B+

Condition Description: The sheet is toned from age and features a minor crease along the vertical centerfold. Two tears along the right edge that just enter the neatline have been repaired on the verso. Features fine original hand color on a strong sheet.


1 in stock