Mappe-Monde pour connoitre les progres & les conquestes les plus Remarquables des Provinces-Unies.


Interesting double hemisphere world map celebrating the success of the Dutch East & West India Companies.

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The commercial enterprises of the Dutch East & West India Companies during the 17th and 18th centuries propelled the small nation of the United Provinces into a global economic powerhouse. Through the use of innovative financial systems, specialized ships (fluyts) and clever (and often savage) diplomacy, the Dutch were able to corner a significant portion of the world market in sugarcane, spices, coffee, textiles, and other luxury goods.

This map, published by Henri Abraham Chatelain for the 1719 edition of his Atlas Historique, shows the world in two hemispheres and highlights the extensive achievements attained by one of the world’s first multi-national corporations. The emblems of both the Dutch East India and Dutch West India companies can be seen in the upper corners, while tables embedded within the text outline their extensive colonial acquisitions and correspond to numbers and letters throughout the map.

The routes of the trading fleets can be seen within the image, which also captures several contemporary cartographic myths from around the globe. Most prominently, California is depicted as an island and the extensive southern coastline of Terre Australe is shown along the lower portion of each hemisphere. Two Dutch lions are also included on the sheet; one in an emblem near the top center, and another protecting an allegorical figure representing Europe at the bottom center. A fascinating map celebrating the forefather of today’s mega-corporations.


Map Details

Publication Date: 1719

Author: Henri Abraham Chatelain

Sheet Width (in): 20.00

Sheet Height (in): 17.75

Condition: B

Condition Description: Moderate scattered soiling visible throughout the image, and the sheet has slightly lightened along the vertical centerfold. A few small spots of scattered foxing visible in the Atlantic Ocean and in the margins. Features lovely hand color on fine watermarked paper.


1 in stock