Mappa da Viacao Ferrea dos E.U. du Brasil e da Rep. do Uruguay


Railway map of Brazil and Uruguay issued at the start of the Fourth Brazilian Republic.

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Between 1930 and 1945, Brazil was almost unilaterally led by a quasi-dictator named Getúlio Vargas. The Second World War caused significant social and political unrest that saw a rapid liberalization in the country, and Vargas issued amnesties, introduced electoral laws, and legalized unions. Conservative members of the military led a coup near the end of 1945, and the establishment of a new government regime is likely one factor that contributed to a new edition of this map in 1946.

Created for distribution by the Levi Guide, a popular Brazilian publication containing route maps and timetables, this map shows the rail lines throughout Brazil and neighboring Uruguay. The main image is focused on the area surrounding Rio de Janiero (then the capital), with other provinces shown in inset maps. Advertisements can also been seen throughout the image, promoting various goods (like Prada hats, which pre-dated the famous Italian brand by 40 years), locations such as the Health Garden, and services like machine fabrication. On the verso is a large scale city plan of Rio de Janiero which shows locations of interests, street names, and an inset map of the city center.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1946

Author: M. Miglino & Co.

Sheet Width (in): 37

Sheet Height (in): 25.75

Condition: B-

Condition Description: Printed on thin news sheet, this map is experiencing moderate wear along fold lines and intersections. The worst damage has been repaired and reinforced.