Map of the Country Thirty Three Miles Around the City of New York


An uncommon later edition of Colton’s decorative pocket map of the area around New York City.

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This delicately engraved map was published in New York by the firm of G.W. & C.B. Colton in 1890. It depicts a circular area encompassing 33 miles around the city. At least eight different editions were published by the firm between 1846 and 1891. It’s unknown why the number 33 was selected, but it’s likely to do with the maximum comfortable range a horse and carriage could travel in a normal eight-hour day (averaging 10-15 mph, with breaks).

The concept was first pioneered by John Eddy around 1811, reflecting the relatively slow pace afforded by personal conveyance and the perennial need to escape the city. Even in the early 19th century, New York City was a dirty and crowded place and the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape appealed to many urban dwellers.

The image depicts a robust transportation network of railroads (both constructed and projected), turnpikes, common, roads and canals during the waning years of the 1800s. Telegraph lines are also shown. Urban density emanates from Manhattan into the surrounding area, though the geography shifts to a more rural setting after about 10 miles.

An interesting collection of settlements, geographic features, and locations of interest are labeled; including taverns, post offices, and even individual trees! Details extend into the water, which presents depth soundings, shipping channels, and the sites of at least two fatal wrecks – the Bristol and the Mexico. Vignettes in the lower corners depict the city halls of New York and Brooklyn – the latter would not be annexed into the former until 1898.

Source: New York Public Library

Map Details

Publication Date: 1890

Author: C.W. & C.B. Colton & Co.

Sheet Width (in): 22.1

Sheet Height (in): 23.4

Condition: B

Condition Description: A 6" x 2" damp stain visible on the center left, likely where original bound to wraps (not present). Moderate wear and creasing along originally issued fold lines, including some minor discoloration and separations along the outer edges. The margins also show minor to moderate wear, including creasing and some light spotting. About good condition overall.


1 in stock