Map of the City of Saint Paul


Pocket map showing the streetcar lines of St. Paul, Minnesota.

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This detailed pocket map of St. Paul, Minnesota was published in 1922 by the Hudson Map Company, with printing performed by the H.M. Smyth Printing Co. The sheet emphasizes local transportation options, with street car lines brightly highlighted in red. Railroads are also identified, and streets, landmarks, important buildings, and geographic features are individually labeled.

A few examples of points of interest on the map include the St. Paul Driving Park Race Track, Fort Snelling, the public baths on Harriet Island, and the steamboat landing on the Mississippi River. The right side of the sheet contains a comprehensive street index, with each entry corresponding to coordinates found by using the numerals and letters in the border.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1922

Author: Hudson Map Company

Sheet Width (in): 33

Sheet Height (in): 17.75

Condition: B

Condition Description: Pocket map originally folded into 30 panels and affixed to original brown paper wrappers. Moderate wear and creasing along original fold lines, including small pinholes at fold intersections and a few areas of separation along the margins. Old manuscript updates have divided the city into four quadrants, each marked in blue pencil. A bit of discoloration where the wrappers are attached with old adhesive, but overall the map remains in good condition, especially considering its age and use.


1 in stock