Map of Fairyland (Chad Valley)


Scarce board game that explores the world of Fairyland.

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This charming vintage board game was published around 1920 by The Chad Valley Games of Harborne, England. Following well-known contemporary mechanisms, the player would advance their token across the board and likely encounter a series of planned events when landing on colored spaces. The rulebook and playing tokens would provide further details, but unfortunately are unavailable.

Based on context, it appears as though the goal is to travel from the Prince’s Castle (lower left) to the Castle of the Fairy Princess, accessible only with the Golden Key of the Castle. Numerous dangers are encountered along the way, such as the Fiery Serpent, goblins, and wolves in the wilderness. According to the Woolworth’s Museum;

“The Chad Valley name first appeared on toys in around 1920. This was a new trademark for a printing company that had already been in operation for around ninety years. Anthony Bunn Johnson, a British printer, had first begun to make simple children’s games in around 1830. These had consisted mainly of pictures on paper or card, normally accompanied by a printed set of rules or instructions.

It became toymaker to the White Star shipping line, to H.M. Government, to the Great West Railway, and ultimately to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. She chose the company to fashion dolls of her young daughters, the present day Queen of England, and her beloved sister Margaret Rose.”


Map Details

Publication Date: c. 1920

Author: The Chad Valley Games

Sheet Width (in): 13.60

Sheet Height (in): 7.40

Condition: A-

Condition Description: Game board printed on a glossy sheet and affixed to cardboard. Creasing along vertical centerfold and moderate wear along the outer edges.


1 in stock