Map No. 518 Australia and New Guinea


Australia and New Guinea shortly before the outbreak of war.

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This vibrantly colored lithographed map shows in fine detail the islands of the Dutch East Indies, New Guinea, and Australia, with an inset map of the greater Australasia region in the lower left. Air distances are noted along primary routes in bright red and an accompanying table of distances with routes by land, air, and sea is provided in the lower right.

It’s assumed the map was intended for a peacetime tourist audience, and most sources date examples to around 1945. However, the inclusion of a Japanese Mandate of the Caroline Islands in the lower inset and the presence of at least one railroad that closed in the late 1940’s indicates it may be a prewar publication. Published in Sydney by H.E.C. Robinson.

Map Details

Publication Date: c. 1939?

Author: H.E.C. Robinson

Sheet Width (in): 19.60

Sheet Height (in): 29.60

Condition: B+

Condition Description: Creasing along former fold lines and small spots of separation at fold intersections and along the outer edges of the sheet that have been repaired on the verso with archival tape. A bit of faint discoloration visible in the margins and on the front panels (verso) that does not affect the image.


1 in stock