Lunar ECLIPSE calculated


Mathematical calculations for a predicted 1762 lunar eclipse.

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This fascinating mid-18th century print shows the various equations performed by Stephen Ogle of Rotherhithe in order to predict the start and end of a forthcoming lunar eclipse. A primary diagram is accompanied by a table and description of the celestial phenomena, “sizable, at the beginning, to all Europe, Africa, and part of Asia.”

Lunar (and solar) eclipses have long been considered bad omens or portents of doom from the gods, but the Age of Enlightenment saw a tremendous interest in the science of astronomy.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1761

Author: Gentleman's Magazine

Sheet Width (in): 5.1

Sheet Height (in): 8.1

Condition: A-

Condition Description: Trimmed upper right margin and light wear along the outer edges does not affect the image or text. Includes optional matte. Very good overall.


1 in stock

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