Lower Egypt and the Adjacent Deserts, with a part of Palestine


Immaculately detailed map of Egypt and Syria published shortly after Napoleon’s retreat.

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This fascinating map of northern Egypt and the coastline of the Near East focuses on the geographical extent of Napoleon’s campaigns four years prior to its publication. Despite the best efforts of the British to aid local resistance, the successful French invasion in 1798 would provide Napoleon the fame and clout necessary to effectively end the French Revolution.

Great detail is provided on the Nile and it’s numerous tributaries, the location of the vast majority of regional settlement. Numerous notes within the image provide interesting bits of information, such as local geography, transportation routes (including pilgrim paths to Mecca). Significant attention is also given to the region’s long history. Individual landmarks such as crusader castles and the Great Pyramids are identified, and underlined place names reflect their ancient use.

The map was published in London in 1802 by William Faden. That same year, the Treaty of Amiens was signed between France and Britain, ending the hostilities of the Revolutionary Wars, but setting the stage for the forthcoming Napoleonic Wars. One stipulation of the treaty was the evacuation of all British troops from Egypt, making this map of particular interest to the armchair generals and admirals across Britain.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1802

Author: William Faden

Sheet Width (in): 31.60

Sheet Height (in): 22.40

Condition: A-

Condition Description: Faint discoloration visible along the vertical centerfold and a bit of offsetting is present in the white areas of the Mediterranean. The map remains in very good condition, issued on thick, strong paper with attractive original hand color.


1 in stock