London in Miniature, with the Surrounding Villages


Scarce first edition map of London by Edward Mogg.

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According to explanatory remarks on the back of the slipcase, Edward Mogg was prompted to create this map of London after he found other examples too cumbersome, expensive, inaccurate, or incomplete. He postulates that few had tried to appropriately map the vast metropolis because “[the task] is Herculean; and the small prospect it has afforded of remuneration has doubtless operated to deter many from the attempt.”

Mogg did find financial success with this issue, which was first published in 1806 and shows the city from Kensington to the East India Docks. He was meticulous in his preparation, and credits many of the contributors in the title and publisher’s stamps. Streets and public buildings are labeled, and the outlines of the latter can be seen for both completed structures and those under construction (e.g. warehouses adjacent to the West India docks).

The image shows the city on the cusp of the explosive 19th century growth that would propel it to the largest in the world; largely undeveloped in the west and along the south shore of the Thames. City works and efforts towards urban renewal are highlighted, including a proposed British Circus on the grounds of future Regent’s Park.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1806

Author: Edward Mogg

Sheet Width (in): 37.00

Sheet Height (in): 20.30

Condition: B+

Condition Description: Moderate discoloration and offsetting visible throughout the image. The image is complete, dissected, and mounted on linen. Folds into original slipcase which is worn, but includes publisher's stamp.